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Car Maintenance Tips

Looking after your car might seem like a daunting task, especially if it is the first vehicle that you have ever owned.

However, you will be delighted to see that there are plenty of incredibly easy maintenance tips that you can definitely handle on your own.

Change Your Windscreen Wipers

If you get a professional to fit your windscreen wipers then they will probably charge for you it. Yet, this is something that is very simple to do on your own.

The other issue here is that you might carry on using worn or damaged wipers for a while before getting someone to fit them for you. By doing it yourself you can make the change as soon as you feel that they need to be replaced, cutting out any risk of them failing or causing you problems.

There are a few different ways of fitting windscreen wipes, so it will depend upon the model of your vehicle. However, it basically just involves lifting the old blades, disconnecting them and then fitting the new ones in the same way that the old ones were connected.

Check the Battery

Modern car batteries are designed to live for a long and trouble-life. Having said that, there are some common problems that you should look out for during your regular car maintenance checks.

For instance, if any crunchy white power builds up around the connectors then this could soon stop the car from starting up. To check them thoroughly remove the negative cable from the post first of all, and then the positive one.

If anything needs cleaned off the terminal then you can buy a special cleaning product to do this, although some people say that Coca Cola also works well.

Wash and Wax It Properly

Opinion is divided over how often you should wash your car. Some sources suggest that it makes sense to let a little bit of dirt build up in order to protect the car from scratching.

Generally speaking, you should probably look to wash it maybe once every couple of weeks. This recommendation can vary if you are a very frequent driver or if you live near the coast, where salt can build up on the car and damage it.

This can be a fun job to do at the weekend and if you have kids you can ask them to help out. After washing it, be sure to add a layer of wax to protect the paintwork from damage.

Use a Boot Liner

Those drivers who are in the habit of ferrying around their dogs or carrying a lot of equipment can damage their boot over time. Thankfully, this is another piece of maintenance that is ridiculously easy to carry out.

By simply using a boot mat you can protect this part of your vehicle effortlessly. No matter what you carry about in it you can make sure that it doesn’t cause any damage.

A good quality booth liner will last you for a long time. This means that you only need to occasionally clean it and then replace it again.

Even better news comes with the fact that there are different liners for different models of car. All of this means is that you just need to look for an Audi, BMW or Ford boot liner, or one for whatever type of car you drive.

Change the Oil

Does the thought of changing the oil in your car cause you to break out in a cold sweat? This is one of those jobs that sound a lot more difficult that it really is. Letting a mechanic does this for you will cost you money and it could also mean that you have to do without your vehicle for a day.

To change the oil the first thing to remember is that the engine needs to be cool before you get going. After that you will need to jack up the car and get under it to look for the oil pan.

You can then unscrew the pain, drain the oil and screw it back on again. Now, it just remains to change the filter and add fresh oil.

This is the kind of job that can see you get a bit dirty but it isn’t particularly difficult to do. The big issue for most people is overcoming the fear of crawling under the car and starting to do something they have never done before.

By trying out these unbelievably simply car maintenance tips you can make sure that your vehicle runs and looks better, while saving some money at the same time.

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